Performance Vault™

A proactive way to gauge how well your financial institution compares to peers.

In today’s competitive business world, understanding how your financial institution compares to industry peers is critical to achieving long-term success. By leveraging data and advanced business analytics, decision-makers can compare their operations to peer institutions and assess not only how well they are doing but also uncover opportunities for growth, innovation and competitive advantage.

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

We analyze over 270 metrics utilizing more than 1,000 data points across 27 business units. The cumulative data makes up our proprietary database of metrics from hundreds of financial institutions and provides:

Full visibility into peer data across hundreds of revenue,
staffing and spending benchmarks.

Identification of expense reduction,
efficiency gains and revenue growth by business unit.

Target setting that provides executives real-time access to how business units are performing in service, expense and revenue.

Performance Excellence

Knowing how your financial institution performs and measures up against peers provides a critical advantage in your long-term success planning and arms you with valuable benchmarks that can help you make measurable improvements across the organization.

Performance Vault™ interactive dashboard

Performance Vault™ puts peer performance metrics at your fingertips and provides you with real-time analytics and insights to help you make data-driven decisions

27 Business Units Covered

Branch Sales & Service

Contact Center

Digital Banking

Debit & ATM

Credit Cards

Direct Consumer Lending

Home Equity Lending

Indirect Lending

Mortgage Lending

Micro-Business Lending

Business Banking

Commercial Lending

Credit Administration & Special Assets

Cash Management




Deposit Operations

Loan Servicing


Information Technology

Enterprise Risk Management

Finance & Accounting



Human Resources