Our Story

PeerMetrix is more than a software company – our sincere mission is to evangelize stronger performance data collaboration among mid-size and regional financial institutions.

Founded by a few key Partners of Cornerstone Advisors, this sister company is laser focused on improving performance across the banking industry.

For nearly two decades, our team has worked side by side with hundreds of financial institutions collecting and analyzing detailed performance data to help bankers optimize their investments with an eye toward a competitive future.

We believe one of the most urgent needs in our industry is to help financial institutions achieve higher performance by unlocking the collective value of peer data and providing managers critical insights to manage performance.

Now, for the first time, we have packaged this wealth of proprietary data into a modern, analytics-driven solution called Performance Vault™.

This new, cloud-based platform not only gives financial institutions immediate access to hundreds of peer benchmarking metrics across dozens of areas, but it also provides the automated functionality to create “what if” scenarios to help you set realistic, measurable performance targets and uncover opportunities for growth, innovation and competitive advantage