Participant Resources

Welcome to the Participant Resource Page for the PeerMetrix Performance Vault

This page will provide you with resources and tips to help guide you through the study process.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at or use the form at the bottom of this page.

Employee Allocations

Key Steps


Project Coordinator Responsibilities

1.) Setup

  • Coordinates with department heads to identify a team of information gatherers who can pull year-end financial reports and account volumes and who understand employee functions for their areas of expertise.
  • Assigns individuals in each area of the organization to complete appropriate data sections.
  • Provides data editors with PDF copies of online questions to prepare them for completing online.

2.) Data Entry

  • Keeps data editors on schedule to complete sections by the deadline.
  • Regularly checks the PeerMetrix dashboard to identify any issues with question answers.
  • Coordinates with department heads to ensure accuracy of submitted data.
  • Works with data editors and the PeerMetrix participant liaison to clarify and resolve issues.

3.) Verification

  • Distributes questions from PeerMetrix about data issues to appropriate data editors.
  • Ensures data editors respond to PeerMetrix's questions in a timely manner (typically two weeks), either correcting survey data or explaining why a metric differs from peers.
  • Distributes PeerMetrix's formulas that explain the metrics used to create the PeerMetrix's Performance Scorecard to data editors.
  • Coordinates Zoom-based verification & scorecard review session with PeerMetrix.

4.) The Performance Vault Scorecard

  • Informs PeerMetrix of any additional users who the institution would like to have access to the Performance Vault free trial and what sections they should have access to.
  • If the institution would like any additional peer groups based on a subset of the participants, coordinates the request with PeerMetrix.

Questions? Reach out.